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  • View from the Left: What will the GOP do in 2018 if McConnell is nothing but a snake oil salesman
    The GOP effort to pass health care repeal has been on life support for weeks, but Sen. Mitch McConnell just won't pull the plug. Managing to pass something now, however—especially with news that Sen. John McCain is fighting an extremely aggressive, even brutal, type of brain cancer—would be the legislative equivalent of pulling a rabbit out […]
  • Despite denials, Sessions discussed campaign issues with Russian ambassador, intercepts show
    Washington Post has a big scoop here on Jeff “I don’t recall” Sessions and it is not good news for him. Russia’s ambassador to Washington told his superiors in Moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters, including policy issues important to Moscow, with Jeff Sessions during the 2016 presidential race, contrary to public assertions by the […]
  • Team Trump looks to tar investigators as they drill down on Trump's financial ties to Russia
    Team Trump doesn't like the Russia investigation one whit, but they are particularly averse to the idea that the probe might balloon from collusion and obstruction into an expansive review of Donald Trump's finances. Now Trump's legal team is working to turn the tables on who's on trial in an effort to cast doubt on the […]
  • Trump's new communications director slobbers all over his new boss in first press briefing
    Donald Trump’s new communications director is a match made in heaven for the ego-sunken narcissist in chief. During his first turn at the podium Friday afternoon, Anthony Scaramucci lathered up his new boss with one of the most nauseating displays of a tongue bath perhaps ever seen by a White House official. Sacramucci declared his personal “love” for Trump no less three times, adding, “I’m very, […]
  • Trump clearly thinks the government is there to serve his needs, not those of the American people
    With the elevation of Anthony Scaramucci, an avid Trump defender with no communications background, to White House communications director, Donald Trump has once again demonstrated that regardless of skill set or training or knowledge of government, he is only interested in one thing: People who will go to war for him amid the Russia scandal that is smothering […]
  • Team Trump unraveling: With three major changes in 24 hours, what's next?
    White House press secretary Sean Spicer is out—because apparently working for Anthony Scaramucci is worse than working for Donald Trump. Spicer may be the most high-profile domino to fall in the last 24 hours, but he's the third person in that time frame to peel away from Team Trump. Trump's personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, who has represented Trump […]
  • GOP Senator: 'Things are starting to feel incoherent.' Ya think?
    The end of this week brings us a quote from Capitol Hill that seems at once obvious and also perplexing after seven full months of totally inane Republican rule. The New York Times writes: “Things are starting to feel incoherent,” said Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, reflecting on the health care efforts, which have turned […]
  • As Russia sanctions bill nears completion, White House still fighting for more control
    Democratic and Republican lawmakers in the House appear to be closing in on finalizing the Russian sanctions bill that passed the Senate 98 - 2 last month. But the Trump administration is still fighting to give Donald Trump ultimate control over when and why to lift sanctions that have been imposed on Russia. The Hill writes: The […]
  • Democrats file resolution of 'no-confidence' in Trump, citing 88 reasons why he's unfit to serve
    Campaign Action Here's legislation that has zero chance of passing, at least at the moment, but it sure does feel good. Democrats, led by Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, have formally compiled at least 88 instances in which Donald Trump has demonstrated that he has no business serving as the country's commander in chief. Surely, there's […]
  • Bummer: Sessions doesn't have enough self respect to resign, he's staying
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions was staring an exit opportunity in the face but he blinked. After his boss savaged him Wednesday in an interview that's now coursing through the interwebs, Sessions could have demonstrated a bit of self-respect and, dare we say, integrity by tendering his resignation. But nope. The New York Times writes: Mr. […]