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  • Our top cop Sessions demonstrates exactly the kind of moral clarity we needed on 'Charlotte'
    The country needs someone to pull the country out of a spiral and since Donald Trump is steering us into the ground, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is here to do the job.   xHere's AG Jeff Sessions on #Charlottesville, which he mispronounced as Charlotte: pic.twitter.com/p52K1D0Mu8— Esther Lee 👩🏻‍💻📰 (@EstherYuHsiLee) August 16, 2017 Nothing like bringing some […]
  • Pence suddenly cuts overseas trip short so he can literally 'stand with' Trump
    Crisis, anyone?  xJust in: VP Pence ending his international trip early, coming home tomorrow— Jonathan Lemire (@JonLemire) August 16, 2017 It seems Mike Pence has woken up to the fact that this is a perilous political moment for the White House—and Republicans, more broadly. Is he the man to help? Surely, he thinks he is—even after […]
  • Not one person working in Trump's White House has shown the dignity and moral fiber to resign yet
    Among all the fallout from Donald Trump's moral equivalency rant Tuesday that revealed him to be a white supremacist sympathizer is the realization that as of 12 PM ET the following day, not one single person working in his White House had resigned. Never in my lifetime have I seen a more important historical moment than […]
  • Republican lawmakers fret that firing Bannon will 'crush' the GOP's white supremacist wing
    As everyone from Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch to White House flash-in-the-pan Anthony Scaramucci to Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi calls on Donald Trump to fire chief strategist and white supremacist/alt-right booster Steve Bannon, the GOP's House crazies are offering a different take, writes the New York Times. Mr. Bannon also has admirers, including Representative Mark […]
  • Trump defends white supremacist/neo-Nazi violence, says 'alt-left' also to blame
    Campaign Action Donald Trump tried on Tuesday to make an infrastructure announcement but the press conference quickly spiraled out of control when he justified his reprehensible handling of the Charlottesville violence by defending the white supremacist/neo-Nazi protest and blaming "both sides," including what he called the "alt-left."  Here’s a glimpse of Trump’s quotes… On why he waited 48 […]
  • Transgender military ban still in limbo as Mattis awaits official 'guidance' from Trump
    It's been 21 days since Donald Trump whimsically fired off several tweets that he thought could instantaneously set military-wide policy on a matter the Pentagon has been studying since last year. Top military brass quickly said they would keep the current policy of allowing transgender soldiers to serve openly until such time as Trump was able […]
  • The resistance goes rural as local activists, many of them women, organize in Trump country
    A shout out to Washington Post reporter Rhonda Colvin for giving us a great look at some of the rural organizing taking place across the country. Resistance groups popping up in places like South Dakota, Ohio, and Alabama are notable for their impact, their growing numbers, and also the composition of their membership, as Susan […]
  • Trump campaign emails show Russia cast 'wide net' to gain access to team Trump
    Newly revealed emails of a low-level adviser to the Trump campaign show the aide was eager to make connections between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. But experts on Russia say the emails also demonstrate that Russian officials were seeking multiple access points to team Trump. The Washington Post writes: Three days after Donald Trump […]
  • Pelosi calls on Trump to fire Bannon after Trump waited 48 hours to condemn white supremacy violence
    Campaign Action After Donald Trump was finally forced into condemning neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate groups on Monday, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called on him to weed out the ranks of "white supremacist sympathizers" like chief strategist Steve Bannon within his White House. “The President’s statement on Saturday was a direct reflection of the fact […]
  • As August heats up for Trump's White House, September is looking even more 'brutal'
    As White House aides to Donald Trump desperately try to contain the fallout from his morally reprehensible response to the death of a woman who was protesting white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia, they're also keeping an eye on September and the mound of legislative work that must be completed. Let's just say that it's not […]