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  • Quit bickering over shutdown winners/losers, keep the focus where it should be: On dreamers
    If we learned anything from the 2013 shutdown, it should be that whoever wins the battle of the day over a shutdown may not ultimately prevail at the ballot box come November. Even though voters overwhelmingly blamed Republicans for the 2013 debacle, voters ultimately rewarded them at the ballot box in 2014 because the thing […]
  • Women and independent voters fuel Democrats' midterm advantage
    A Washington Post/ABC poll released Monday found that Democrats have a twelve-point advantage in the generic ballot, and an even larger gap among "likely voters" (a bloc that’s often kinder to Republicans): "Among those most likely to vote, 54 percent support the Democratic candidate in their congressional district, compared to 40 percent for the Republican." The groups […]
  • Republicans gloat—but voters blamed them for the shutdown *and* DACA support increased
    Republicans are feeling pretty smug these days about brokering a deal with Democrats to reopen the government without much other than a loose agreement to allow a vote on immigration issues. Voters, on the other hand, aren’t so impressed with Republicans’ governing skills. Politico writes: According to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted Saturday and Sunday, a combined 48 percent […]
  • Paul Ryan assured a Dreamer she wouldn't be deported. Now he's ensuring that she could
    When the U.S. government reopens, Dreamers will likely be no closer to gaining deportation protections and, in fact, another 122 will continue to lose their protections every day. Donald Trump proved useless in the negotiations to protect Dreamers, which left their fate in the hands of the gutless Paul Ryan, who has managed to let […]
  • Dealmaker Donald J. Trump's middle name is revealed: It's Jell-O
    It's turns out the "J" in Donald J. Trump's name actually stands for Jell-O. The infamous dealmaker is, in fact, so useless that even senators in his own party are encouraging GOP leadership to move forward without Trump’s approval and just put something on his desk for signature.  "I do not know where the president is,” Sen. […]
  • View from the Left: Lying becomes the GOP's brand in an era of 'truth decay'
    Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson became one more casualty this week in a long line of aides serving Donald Trump who disgrace themselves by lying for a man who doesn't understand the concept of objective reality. For all we know, Trump likely looks in the mirror every morning and sees someone who is actually 6'3" […]
  • Two shutdown takeaways: Republicans didn't even try and Trump sowed insurmountable confusion
    In reviewing articles and tweets about the shutdown chaos last night, two takeaways jump out—one perhaps more surprising than the other. First, as the clocked ticked down, reporters on twitter kept talking about how oddly quiet it was in the Capitol. xit's weird how quiet it is. pre 2013 shutdown we were on failed plan 17 […]
  • Republican lawmakers—slightly more popular than dirt—will take the shutdown fall
    Donald Trump is fully to blame for this shutdown predicament, but if congressional Republicans think anyone but them will be held accountable in 2018, they are as delusional as Trump. Here's the breakdown: •Democratic voters will blame Republicans, full stop. •Loyal Trump voters, some 35 percent of nation, will largely blame Congress—because Trump will hang congressional […]
  • Supreme Court to take up consideration of Trump's Muslim ban 3.0
    It took Donald Trump's White House three tries to create a Muslim ban worthy of consideration by the Supreme Court. One flopped, the other couldn't go the distance. Apparently, three's the charm, writes the New York Times. The Supreme Court announced on Friday that it would consider a challenge to President Trump’s latest effort to […]
  • Let this sink in: Trump could have had it all—DACA, wall funding, a spending bill—then he blew it up
    Campaign Action Dealmaker Donald Trump had a deal. It was deal he said he would sign just two days earlier on live TV. It was a deal he said he would "take the heat" for if it came to that, then he buckled—and for no reason at all. The deal would have been an all-around […]