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  • Trump's $12 billion farm bailout hasn't 'come close to making up' for his tariff damage
    Donald Trump's trade war with China and the rest of the world shows few signs of abating any time soon, yet the $12 billion in aid that was supposed to buoy farmers caught in the crossfire has done little-to-nothing to help them. Only about $840 million has been disseminated from the first installment of $6 […]
  • House Democrats' vote totals nationwide near that of Trump's 2016 sum—Can you say 'mandate'?
    Just wow. Five Thirty Eight's Nate Silver notes that House Democrats will likely amass close to 60 million votes nationwide when the dust settles on the midterms. That figure will come darn close to reaching the total number of votes cast for the last several GOP presidential nominees, with Donald Trump garnering about 63 million […]
  • Trump finally admits he 'probably' won't voluntarily sit for an interview with Mueller
    After repeatedly claiming over the last year that he was game for an interview with Robert Mueller, Donald Trump is finally admitting that when push comes to shove, he can't go toe to toe with special counsel in an interview. When asked during a Fox appearance Sunday about doing such an interview with the special counsel, […]
  • View from the Left: Trump sunk Republicans in the midterms; we can help him do it again in 2020
    As the final weeks of the 2018 midterms closed in, Donald Trump's desperation was palpable. He was thrashing around about the so-called “caravan” of migrants, ordering U.S. troops to the border, holding impromptu press conferences about executive orders that hadn't been written, and lamenting the hate-speech inspired pipe bombs and shooting massacres that had thrown Republicans off […]
  • Stacey Abrams ends bid to be Georgia governor but threatens suit over Kemp's 'gross mismanagement'
    Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams ended her hard-fought gubernatorial bid Friday against GOP opponent Brian Kemp, but she threatened to bring a lawsuit over Kemp's "gross mismanagement" of state voting laws in his capacity as secretary of state. The Hill writes: In an address made while surrounded by supporters Friday afternoon, Abrams said that she saw "no legal path forward" for […]
  • GOP leadership pathetically begs Trump for new attorney general pick rather than doing their jobs
    Senate GOP leadership is desperate not to act on the Protect Mueller bill, co-sponsored by two GOP members, that's already cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee. So desperate, in fact, they're trying to reason Donald Trump into the swift nomination of a new attorney general to replace his disastrous acting attorney general pick. Politico writes: They said […]
  • Democrats represent American economies of the future while many GOP districts lag
    America's politics aren't the only thing that's polarized, so are America's economies. The growing divide between the country's more economically vibrant and diverse areas and it's less dynamic monolithic regions is another factor in what's driving national political divisions. CNBC's John Harwood writes: Republicans represent the smaller, fading segment, with less-educated, more-homogenous work forces reliant […]
  • Trump golfing buddy Lindsey Graham set to take over Senate Judiciary Committee
    After completing his whirlwind transition from John McCain bestie to Donald Trump acolyte, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is set to assume one of the most important positions related to Trump's survival: Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The panel’s current chair, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, will be assuming chairmanship of the Senate Finance Committee. Graham's new post […]
  • Trump had 'this Russia thing' on the brain once again with his attorney general appointment
    Donald Trump recreated one of his biggest Russia-probe bloopers from 2017 in a Wednesday interview with the conservative outlet the Daily Caller. After famously telling NBC's Lester Holt last year that "this Russia thing" was on his mind when he fired then-FBI Director James Comey, Trump freely associated the "illegal" Russia probe with his appointment […]
  • What blue wave? Trump mini-me Mike Pence declares midterms 'a great win' for Republicans
    When Donald Trump moves his water bottle, Vice President Mike Pence moves his water bottle. When Trump says the midterms were nearly "a complete victory," Pence also sees "a great win for our side."  "We were very encouraged by the results. We thought Tuesday's midterm elections were a great win for our side making history in […]