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  • Trump's border wall funding: The art of a failed deal
    After weeks of productive bipartisan negotiations on a spending bill to keep the government funded, the White House fired a warning shot last Wednesday: budget director Mick Mulvaney was pressing congressional Republicans to fold billions into the bill for Donald Trump's precious border wall. "The CR is our biggest focus right now," one senior administration […]
  • White House touts 100 days of Trump—'more' meaningless accomplishments than any other president
    Okay, let's just start with a dose of reality on Trump's 100 days—not only are historians mocking him, he hasn't achieved a single one of the goals he himself put on the map for his first 100 days. xTold Trump is "0 for 10" on his 1st-100-days agenda, Spicer said: "Right." Added "done a significant […]
  • Sessions might give other media the Wikileaks treatment—charging them for covering leaks
    Attorney General Jeff Session is reportedly prepping to throw the book at Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for allegedly aiding Edward Snowden in disclosing a trove of classified documents. Until now, bringing charges against Wikileaks had given Justice Department officials heartburn because other media outlets had similarly published stolen materials. But new revelations about Snowden have been accompanied by an attorney general who also might be willing to […]
  • Trump eager to make the bill to keep the government funded his Wall-erloo
    Donald Trump's misguided obsession with his "big, beautiful, powerful" border wall might ultimately torpedo weeks of bi-partisan negotiations in Congress to keep the government funded by the end of Friday. Nothing says “presidential” like shutting down the government over a useless pet project you promised would be paid for but are now trying to saddle the America […]
  • Historians agree: In his first 100 days, Trump excels at being 'an utter failure'
    If you have been marveling at the total incompetence of our 45th pr*sident and wondered if Donald Trump was really that bad or your viewpoint was just a product of your hatred for him, rest assured that you are not alone. Your perhaps biased assessment is shared by people who actually study this stuff for a living, reports Domenico Montanaro. […]
  • Spicer channels Trump's fierce urgency of whenever on vote timing
    A week after Donald Trump told reporters he hoped to "get both" a spending bill and a Trumpcare 2.0 vote—and then pledged an all-caps “TAX REFORM AND TAX REDUCTION" roll out to punctuate his first 100 days in office, press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday was a lot more like, yeah, whenever. xSpicer says health care vote […]
  • Republican candidates weigh sitting out 2018, because Trump
    The struggle is real for prospective 2018 GOP candidates: Should they or shouldn't they jump in? With a commander in chief who's as predictable as an untethered balloon in a tornado touting a list of legislative accomplishments as short as his stubby thumbs, many would-be GOP candidates are strongly weighing becoming 2018 won't bes. For instance, former Florida Rep. David […]
  • Republicans fret that Trump's ineptitude will turn 2018 into their worst nightmare
    Trumpidation (noun): That uneasy sinking feeling you get when you realize that the guy who infiltrated your party and took it over is going to take you down with him. Folks, the enthusiasm gap between Democratic and Republican voters is real, and everyone from White House aides to Mitch McConnell to Democratic groups are obsessed with […]
  • View from the Left: How a 'small money' revolution is transforming elections for Democrats
    "Daily Kos is back" is a refrain that has suddenly gained traction among political journalists in Washington. They have understandably taken note of the huge sums of money Daily Kos readers poured into Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff's campaign for a seat Republicans have held since 1979. As a political journalist by training who worked in […]
  • Take this to the bank: If Trump says legislation is coming 'shortly thereafter,' it's likely dead
    One place Donald Trump is totally predictable is in his complete ignorance of the legislative process. But fret not, look no further than this friendly phrase to know when things are headed south: "shortly thereafter." Think of it like a legislative snooze button—Trump's go-to when he has zero idea what’s actually happening. For instance, here he is on […]