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  • Trump's shutdown makes him more vulnerable to impeachment than ever
    Ever since Donald Trump declared the pride he would take in shutting down the government, a series of polls have come out showing his approval ratings slipping slowly but surely since the shutdown began. Gallup put him at 37 percent this week, down from 39 percent before Christmas and just two points away from his all-time […]
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders relies on Giuliani statement to deny Trump told Cohen to lie
    Reporters finally caught up with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Friday afternoon and, frankly, her response to the bombshell report that Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress was both predictable and telling. Asked point-blank whether Trump directed Cohen, Sanders did not give a simple yes or no. Instead, she deflected by referring back […]
  • Giuliani finally denies BuzzFeed bombshell while rest of White House shelters in place
    Over twelve hours after explosive reporting that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to give false testimony to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower deal, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani finally crawled out of a bunker to issue a denial. "Any suggestion from any source that the president counseled Michael Cohen to lie is categorically false," Giuliani said […]
  • Impeachment has always been the right remedy; now it may become politically plausible
    Campaign Action Donald Trump has already committed an impeachable offense, according to federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. In a December sentencing filing for Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen, prosecutors alleged that Cohen made two hush-money payments to women with whom Trump had affairs in order to "suppress the stories" from reaching […]
  • 'Perfect': White House risks national security to retaliate against Pelosi
    Donald Trump invited his aides into his sandbox so they could hatch one of the pettiest and most shortsighted schoolyard responses possible to Nancy Pelosi’s postponement of Trump’s State of the Union address. Less than an hour before Speaker Nancy Pelosi was set to leave for an overseas trip into a combat zone, Trump effectively canceled […]
  • As shutdown eats into Trump's base support, strong majority of voters vow to oppose him in 2020
    When Donald Trump declared in 2016 that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any base support, the statement clearly assumed the assassination he perpetrated wouldn't produce collateral damage among his beloved followers.  Trump's shutdown is different as new polling from NPR/PBS/Marist appears to demonstrate. Since the shutdown began, Trump's approval rating […]
  • Pelosi is destroying Trump so badly on the shutdown that reporters feel sorry for him
    Nancy Pelosi has been owning Donald Trump ever since that fateful Oval Office meeting when Trump spontaneously invited reporters in to record as Pelosi secured her speakership while Trump laid his grave by declaring the pride he would take in shutting down the government.  Since then, Pelosi has peppered Trump with little insults, such as saying […]
  • As Trump's White House aides fret over shutdown, his Fox News advisers blow sunshine you know where
    Donald Trump's West Wing aides have reportedly been trying to impress upon him that the shutdown is entering dangerous political territory and they need to find a way out.  “There’s going to have to be a reality check moment that what he signs might not be what he’s been saying he needs,” one anonymous official […]
  • Nearly everyone who opposes the wall also opposes funding Trump's request in order to end shutdown
    Democrats have no reason to budge. Pew Research released polling Wednesday with one predictable finding and another not-so-predictable finding. A solid majority of Americans—58 percent—still oppose the wall. Once more, when it comes to compromising on funding the wall in order to end the government shutdown, those who oppose the wall are even more adamant in […]
  • Manafort tried to pack Trump administration with handpicked allies—even after being indicted
    Former Trump campaign chair and convicted felon Paul Manafort worked through unknown intermediaries during the Trump transition phase to place people in the new administration, according to a new court filing Tuesday.  Politico reports that former Manafort business partner and Trump deputy campaign manager Rick Gates knew about Manafort's efforts to place people in the Trump […]