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  • View from the Left: Battle of the gender gaps coming to an election near you this fall
    If there's one difference between Donald Trump in 2017 and his 2018 performance it's that now he seems to be truly unplugged, untethered, unleashed. Whatever you might want to call it, we are being treated to the rawest, purest form of his madness, free from the mitigation of seemingly any so-called adults in the room. His rate […]
  • Trump's GOP henchmen prep response to new Russian indictments—impeaching Rod Rosenstein
    At the very moment Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was announcing the indictments of 12 Russian military officers for interfering in the 2016 elections, key House Republicans were busy plotting his impeachment. Politico writes: House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, in fact, had the impeachment document on the floor of the House at the very […]
  • After his July 2016 clarion call for Russian help, Trump abruptly stopped giving press conferences
    The very same July 2016 press conference where Trump publicly solicited Russia's help in hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails also turned out to be Trump’s final press conference of the year. But Trump suddenly going dark following that presser has gotten a lot more interesting with the release of Robert Mueller's 12 new indictments of Russian military officers for hacking the […]
  • Trump, certainly behaving like a Russian asset, must NOT meet with Vladimir Putin
    Last week, Donald Trump stood before a packed house in Montana and assured his faithful that we had nothing to fear from Russian President Vladimir Putin. "They’re going ‘Will President Trump be prepared, you know, President Putin is KGB and this and that,’" Trump mimicked. "You know what? Putin’s fine. He’s fine. We’re all fine. […]
  • GOP tax cut flat-lining when it comes to raising wages
    One of the reasons the Republican tax giveaway to the one percent isn't resonating with the rest of Americans is because it isn't raising wages for them, based on new Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Thursday. That GOP failing isn't going to wear any better over time since inflation just hit a six-year high, […]
  • Former FBI official on GOP's sham hearing: Only person enjoying this 'travesty' is Putin
    Everything one needs to know about the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees' joint questioning Thursday of the FBI agent who oversaw the outset of the Russia investigation came within the first minutes of the hearing's combative Q and A. In his opening statement, FBI agent Peter Strzok delivered the most salient piece of information to any suggestion […]
  • As Supreme Court battle heats up, Trump's chief legislative aide runs for the exits
    In just over a week on July 20, White House legislative director and chief liaison to Capitol Hill Marc Short will say sayonara to Donald Trump's beleaguered West Wing. The Trump taint doesn't appear to be following Short out the door the way it has so many other Trump alums—he’s landed a position at the consulting firm Guidepost […]
  • GOP lawmakers fret over Trump's slash-and-burn trade war with the world: 'What's the plan?'
    Who could have seen it coming? Month after month at rally after rally, Donald Trump sneered and jeered and railed about how the world was cheating the U.S. on trade, the system was rigged and he would burn it all down. And now, by god, he's doing it—and Republicans are beside themselves.  He's ripped up the […]
  • Russian State TV thrills over Trump's ghastly NATO performance
    Many Americans—including GOP lawmakers and top Trump cabinet officials—may have been aghast at Donald Trump's schoolyard taunts of our closest NATO allies, but pundits on Russian State TV’s 60 Minutes news show were tickled pink, so to speak.  “I never thought I’d live to see this!” exclaimed Tatyana Parkhalina, president of the Association for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, of an American president […]
  • Kavanaugh could become second Trump-era justice nominated and confirmed by minority rule
    Every bloody horrendous thing this nation is experiencing right now represents a crisis in unrepresentative democracy, and the potential confirmation of a second Supreme Court justice by Donald Trump is no exception. Not only did Trump lose the popular vote by nearly three million votes, but the Senate that is supposed to "advise and consent" on […]