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  • Trump might actually get a serious challenger on the right—that'll be fun
    That Donald Trump will win the GOP nomination again isn't really in doubt. The Republican party is simply too craven for any consideration of an alternative outcome. But that doesn't mean the idea of Trump facing a serious (if not exactly viable) challenger wouldn't be fun. And we seem to be in for some fun. Sure, former […]
  • CNN Poll: Americans' view of the economy slips for first time in Trump's presidency
    If you're wondering why Donald Trump and his crackerjack team of advisers are eyeing more frivolous tax cuts when the economy is supposedly so very strong, take a look at this new polling from CNN showing a dip in consumer confidence. The 65% of Americans who think the nation's economy is "good" is a 5-point […]
  • Budget office says deficit is skyrocketing toward $1 trillion by 2020
    Hold on to your knickers, folks, that federal deficit is hiking up quickly and “king of debt” Donald Trump wants more, more, more spending and tax cuts. Always. The Congressional Budget Office now expects the federal deficit to reach $960 billion for the 2019 fiscal year ending Sept. 30, and $1 trillion for Fiscal Year 2020. […]
  • Trump erupts at 'nasty' Danish prime minister for declining to sell him Greenland
    After Donald Trump ludicrously ditched visiting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen because she said she wasn't game to sell Greenland to the United States, Trump is raging about the whole episode.  xTrump says the prime minister of Denmark was “nasty” and “inappropriate” by publicly rejecting his unsolicited proposal to buy Greenland in the way she did. […]
  • Warren's apology to American Indians was not only the right thing to do, it was smart politics too
    Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren took a hit this week from many Beltway pundits for returning to the controversy surrounding her claim to American Indian heritage and flat-out apologizing for mishandling her entire approach to the issue. Why, pundits asked, would she revisit the lowest point of her campaign as she steadily gains converts and climbs […]
  • Trump's spineless backtrack on background checks further repels suburban women
    Donald Trump had a political gimme—an issue that enjoys 90% support among Americans, polls well with Republicans, and could have given him a chance at expanding his appeal among suburban and college-educated voters who have increasingly soured on the GOP ever since Trump's elevation to the Oval Office. Fortunately, Trump was too stupid to exploit that […]
  • Could impeachment support from House Democrats' No. 4 be a tipping point?
    On the heels of new support for an impeachment inquiry by the House Democrats' No. 4 on the leadership team, a guessing game has broken out on Capitol Hill about who might be next and what that could mean for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Some speculate that the change of heart by New Mexico Rep. Ben […]
  • Rep. Ben Ray Luján becomes highest-ranking Democrat to back impeachment inquiry
    The No. 4 Democrat on the House leadership team became the 125th Democrat in the lower chamber Monday to announce support for opening an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. New Mexico Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who's currently running for U.S. Senate, added his name to the growing list of impeachment supporters after one of his […]
  • Trump's simply too repugnant for most Americans to rally around, even in a crisis
    The American public’s usual response following most major crises has been to rally around whoever is president, in a show of support for both him and the nation he represents. That was the ‘usual’—until Donald Trump, that is.  Take the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, for instance: 84% of Americans supported President Bill Clinton's response to it. Or […]
  • Trump has news for Americans: 'They're loaded up with money'
    In case you are wondering exactly where your personal finances stand, the self-proclaimed "king of debt" has news for you.  "Our consumers are rich," Donald Trump said Sunday, ever in touch with the financial well-being of everyday Americans. "I gave a tremendous tax cut, and they’re loaded up with money." Welp, forget about your accountant […]