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  • Who's in and out of December’s Democratic debate
    It appears Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii fell short of qualifying for the Dec. 19 Democratic debate in California while entrepreneur Andrew Yang squeezed out a last-minute qualification with a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday putting him at 4% nationally.  The seven presidential hopefuls who will appear on stage are: Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Pete Buttigieg […]
  • On impeachment, Democrats have done the remarkable in a remarkably short amount of time
    Many liberals understandably want Donald Trump held accountable for every crime, every abuse, every assault on democracy and the U.S. Constitution he has perpetrated since taking office. It makes perfect sense and yet it's not what they will be getting.  Instead House Democrats have whittled down Trump's endless transgressions to two articles of impeachment centered […]
  • Attorney General Barr spews kitchen-sink level of disinformation about Russia probe, IG report
    Campaign Action So many things to say about Pete Williams' exclusive interview with Attorney General William Barr, which partially aired on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon. Williams effectively gave Barr a free pass on NBC's platform to gaslight America with very little, if any, pushback against the lies and uncorroborated disinformation Barr was spewing, but let's not […]
  • What made Trump and Giuliani such a toxic match made in heaven? Greed
    After Rudy Giuliani left public life, he changed, according to a profile of the former New York mayor in The Washington Post. Trading on his high-profile turn as America's Mayor following 9/11, Giuliani suddenly realized he could make millions as a public speaker abroad. He was hooked.  “His values seemed to change,” journalist and Giuliani biographer […]
  • Factless Fox cancels interview with James Comey after report on FBI probe bucks Trump's narrative
    When the Justice Department watchdog report emerged Monday, it completely obliterated Donald Trump’s favorite fantasies about the “oranges” of the FBI’s Russia investigation. No, the probe wasn’t launched on the back of bias against Trump. It wasn’t a coup. There weren’t scummy “dirty cops.” Trump wasn’t illegally “wire tapped” by President Obama. In fact, the Department of Justice inspector general found the FBI […]
  • 'Don't mess with me:' Pelosi's viral moments summon the soul of America
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quite literally outdid herself this week. Shortly after stepping up to the microphone Thursday to direct the drafting of articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, Pelosi ultimately overshadowed her own historic moment at a press conference following the announcement as she attempted to exit stage left. That's when a reporter from the right-leaning Sinclair Broadcast […]
  • In virtual admission of guilt, White House signals it won't defend Trump against impeachment
    After weeks of persistent Republican complaints that the White House was being blocked from defending Donald Trump in the House impeachment inquiry, the White House has apparently decided to take a hard pass on even attempting to defend Trump. About 20 minutes before a 5 PM ET deadline to inform House Democrats if they would participate […]
  • Islamophobe helped write Trump's bogus Homeland Security report linking immigration to terror
    When Donald Trump was trying to get his Muslim ban 2.0 to pass muster in the courts early in his administration, he tasked the departments of Homeland Security and Justice to produce a report about terrorist activity committed by immigrants. That report so grossly inflated the link between foreign nationals and terrorism that watchdog groups […]
  • Mississippi Republican asks fellow GOP lawmakers to nullify election she lost
    When you can't beat 'em, get a little help from your friends. If it worked for George W. Bush in 2000, why not Mississippi GOP State Rep. Ashley Henley in 2019. Just like Bush appealed to a conservative-leaning Supreme Court to help him snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, Henley is now looking to […]
  • Vast majority of Americans are actually united around key issues Democrats are pushing in 2020
    Want some good news? Outside of Donald Trump, American voters actually share a great number of policy goals being pushed by Democratic candidates, according to new polling conducted for the Center for American Progress and Health Care for America Now by the firm GBAO. "When it comes to basic attitudes about the economy and public policy—disconnected from […]