The First Behind-The-Scenes Story of What Really Spurred a President’s “Evolution”

Gay rights has been the defining progressive issue of Barack Obama’s presidency: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed with his strong support, and the Defense of Marriage act was overturned after he instructed the Justice Department to stop defending it. Now, in the final years of his presidency, same-sex marriage has become legal across the country. This rapid series of victories is astonishing by any measure—and is especially incredible considering that when Obama first took office he, like many politicians, viewed gay rights as politically toxic.

In Don’t Tell Me to Wait, journalist Kerry Eleveld shows how LGBT activists pushed the president and the nation to this tipping point, transforming the issue of gay rights from a political liability into an electoral imperative. With unprecedented access and insight, Don’t Tell Me to Wait captures this critical moment in American history and demonstrates the power of conviction to change the course of history.

Advance Praise for Don’t Tell Me To Wait

Richard Socarides

 Richard_Socarides_insert-200x300“Historians will debate the relative importance of these events and others, but no doubt this work is a significant contribution to understanding what happened and why on one of Obama’s greatest legacies.” —Richard Socarides, former Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton and Senior Adviser on LGBT rights issues

David Domke

David Domke; Professor of Communication for the question and answer section of Columns Magazine
“Kerry Eleveld has written a definitive accounting of how activists, organizations, bloggers, and a handful of devoted journalists compelled the Obama administration to act on gay rights.” —David Domke, author of The God Strategy


About The Author

Eleveld_Pic_Color150Kerry Eleveld covered Barack Obama for four years for The Advocate, first on the campaign trail and then at the White House, interviewing him three times including once in the Oval Office. "Don't Tell Me To Wait," explores the political tipping point on LGBT issues that occurred during Obama's presidency. Read more …